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CX (Customer Experience) Project

Business Ideas Discovery Project

Innovative Task Derivation Project

Project defining and addressing the complete process via which a customer interacts with the provider's service

Project predicting customer’s needs in future sectors, efficiently and economically identifying business opportunities 

Project involving field-specific innovative tasks to think about and solve together 

CX (Customer Experience) Project

Project Objectives : Experiencing Design Thinking as an innovative working process, defining customer's task suitability, testing and validation of solutions needed by customers (based on empathy)

Project Structure : 1~2 workshop per week + project coaching assistance + results optimization and validation

Project Features : Selection of customers compatible with the project in order to hear their 'Real Voice' and receive real-time feedback on prototype, followed by an immediate reflection on the results

Pre-WorkshopWeek 1Week 2-3Week 4Week 5-6Week 7-8Week 9-10
Design Thinking
Problem Finding
(Empathize + Define)
Problem Solving
(Ideate + Prototype + Test)
Project Objectives
Tasks ClarificationPersonaCustomer Experience & In-Depth InterviewKey Problems & Values DerivationIdeation & VisualizationIdea Validation & Customer FeedbackFinal Idea Presentation
Project Structure
Preliminary Meeting
  • Design Thinking Understanding
  • Design Thinking Practice
  • Persona Modelling
  • Interview Design Guide
  • In-Depth Interview
  • Interview Insights Derivation
  • Perspective Definition Practice
  • Key Persona Selection
  • Problem Definition Derivation
  • Ideas Visualization
  • Ideas Concept Cards
  • Business Research
  • Prototype Practice
  • Idea Validation & Experimentation
  • Customer Feedback Gathering
  • Final Meeting
  • Solution Demonstration & Feedback
  • Full Process Review
Expected Outcomes
Establishing Objectives & ResultsPersona ProfileCustomer Experience RoadmapKey Problems & Values (P.O.V)Idea Concept CardsPrototype PlanCustomer Service Blueprint

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