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Design Thinking Facilitator Training

Program to train Professional Design Thinking Facilitators within the organization

Workshop & Process Design

Program to improve the capabilities of already trained Design Thinking Facilitators

Design Thinking Facilitator Service

Program offering the services of Professional Design Thinking Facilitators

Design Thinking Facilitator Training Course

Project Objectives : Train employees to experience Design Thinking as a way of working, apply it to real situations and serve as Design Thinking Facilitators within the organization

Project Structure : Design Thinking Basic Course Practice (2-day workshop) + Design Thinking Facilitator Capacity Enhancement (3-day workshop) + Workshop and Process Design (2-day workshop) + Tasks Practice

Project Features : Training program that teaches you the skills you need to be a design thinking facilitator and then puts those skills into practice right away through step-by-step exercises.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Project Objectives
Understanding the role of a Design Thinking Facilitator through Theory & Practice of the 5 steps of Design Thinking
Question practice to help facilitate capabilities and participants as meeting facilitators 
Design workshops using Design Thinking techniques and strengthen planning skills to meet various field difficulties
Project Structure
5 Steps of Design Thinking In-Depth Course & Design Thinking Topic Selection Method
Design Thinking Facilitator Capabilities Enhancement Training 
Workshop & Process Design Training

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